The South Crisis Negotiators Association and
The Federal Bureau of Investigations
Presents the Annual 2018 Hostage/Crisis Management Training Session

October 17 -18-19, 2018

Early Registration on October 16, 2018

Larry Gordon
Dallas, Tx. Police Dept.
 “Officers Down-Barricade Suspect”
Incident Debrief

 Joe Di Lillo Jr
South Euclid OH Police Department
Montgomery Stand-Off Debrief

 FBI: Seattle
Dr. Shannon Myer

 Gary McDougal
Team Leader
Do's and Don'ts

 Harry Drucker
Richard Sanchez
Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Dept.

Gang Member Negotiation
Incident Debrief

 Vince Dalfonzo

Boston Marathon Bomber Debrief

 Additional Dynamic Presentations
To Be Announced!!