The South Crisis Negotiators Association and
The Federal Bureau of Investigations
Presents the Annual 2017 Hostage/Crisis Management Training Session

October 18-19-20, 2017

Early Registration on October 17, 2017

Larry Gordon
Dallas, Tx. Police Dept.
"Officers Down-Barricade Suspect"
Incident Debrief

Jackie Hamelryck
FBI Columbia Malheur National Wildlife Refuge
Incident Debrief

FBI: Seattle
Dr. Shannon Myer
"Negotiating a Domestic Violence

Gary McDougal/Scottie Frier
Active Listening Skills
"For the Pros"

Harry Drucker
Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Dept.
"Building Rapport"

Stuart Cole & Brian Kostyniuk
Calgary Police Services
"Kidnapping For Ransom"

Additional Dynamic Presentations
To Be Announced!!